I am an experimented Parisian tour guide who lived all her life in Paris.
As a real local, I offer original and private tours that you will only find with me.
Let's get out of the beaten tracks, away from the crowds to see Paris behind the scenes and share memorable and exceptional moments together.

Tour guide in Paris

I grew up in a French Parisian family and lived in the original historic core of the capital: Le Marais.
Needless to say, that I have been surrounded by Art and archaeology since my childhood.I was born in the VIth Arrondissement of Paris, in 1990.
I am in love with Paris, with its architecture, its café culture and its complex history.
That's why, I pursued Art classes in Odeon Paris 6th.
Later, I enrolled at the Sorbonne University to learn History and Art for more than 5 years.  

I majored in History of Art and started animating tours & workshops in the Louvre for high-school students.
After a special training, I obtained my state-license from the Ministry of Culture and became officially a holder of the Guide-interpreter card.

For more than 20 years, I have worked for private clients and reputed travel agencies to guide visitors coming from USA, Canada, Australia and Israel.

Today, I am a freelancer and you can hire me as your own tour guide in Paris.

My private tours

The 19th century covered passages

In the mid 18th hundreds, Paris was rebuilt. At this occasion, the construction of a new Opera House was planned. At the end of a great competition, Charles Garnier won ! He was picked as the architect to design the center for Lyric arts, musical compositions, ballets and dance.

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History of Fashion in a walking Tour

The fashion tour is organized around the Palais Royal and place Vendôme, as this is where the first designers and famous couture brands started, such as Chanel, or Poiret etc.

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Visit the Cemetery of Pere Lachaise

If you ask a Parisian what is the place to visit on a sunny day during the weekend, a walk through the Pere Lachaise cemetery is definitely one of the places that would come up!

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Street Art tour in Belleville

If you’re looking for a fun and young neighborhood in Paris to explore, Belleville is a great option: Experience a unique and eclectic area of Paris, Belleville.

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Le Marais

Le Marais is chicest and trendiest quarter of Paris. It is considered as the most beautiful and the richest quarter of the city, in history and art and modern design.

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Relive the French revolution

In the 18th century, Paris and France changed forever. After the American victorious revolution of the people, the French took their chance on a bloody revolution. A Parisian mob of angry people stormed the Versailles Palace and brought the King to Paris to give him a tragic end. From that moment, France's course of history changed forever.

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