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History of Fashion in a walking Tour

The fashion tour is organized around the Palais Royal and place Vendôme, as this is where the first designers and famous couture brands started, such as Chanel, or Poiret etc.

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Street Art tour in Belleville

If you’re looking for a fun and young neighborhood in Paris to explore, Belleville is a great option: Experience a unique and eclectic area of Paris, Belleville.

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Indiana Jones in the Louvre

This is an interactive game inside the Louvre museum best for kids 6 to 12. The game focus on the Louvre most iconic pieces: Mona Lisa, Egyptian artefacts, European big paintings, History of Paris and France... with a map, and a colorful book, we will solve mysteries and get clues that will lead us

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Opera Garnier

Visit the Opera Garnier. Get inside a treasure of the 19th century architecture. The Opera house is today considered as the most beautiful opera house in the world.

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Introduction to Paris

For an introduction to Paris, I will come to pick you at your hotel and go on walk in the city most beautiful quarters. I will show you to approach the city, to use the metro, to buy food and wine and how to enjoy it best. This is an open air class in the most beautiful city.

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Versailles Palace

We will learn about the Life of the French kings and then the Bloody Revolution of French people to overthrow the monarchy in Versailles. We will get inside the fascinating apartments of the kings of France and visit most beautiful Palace in the world.

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