Walking tour

Relive the French revolution

In the 18th century, Paris and France changed forever. After the American victorious revolution of the people, the French took their chance on a bloody revolution. A Parisian mob of angry people stormed the Versailles Palace and brought the King to Paris to give him a tragic end. From that moment, France's course of history changed forever.


We will walk in the oldest quarters of Paris, and in the most beautiful places to learn about the most dramatic 5 years that shaped France and its new values as we know it today.

Between 1789 and 1794, our country went through a strange mix of grand human ideals and bloody terror, between a King and a people's Republic.

The tour is easy and lasts only 2 hours in total.
- We will start in the Latin Quarter, my home quarter to see the place where the Light philosophers met to discuss their grand ideas
- Then we will walk to the Islands in the heart of the city, to learn about the queen Marie Antoinette and her special lifestyle that led people to get angry and got her a tragic end.
- We will walk through the Louvre garden and the Tuileries, where many crucial events participated in the revolution progress.
- We will also see where the bloodiest deaths took place, and where the king's head fell.

This tour is a great chance to learn about the American history as the french revolution was inspired by the american victory. It is also a great lookout on the heritage of France, of Paris and the revolution, like the Arc de Triomphe, built by Napoleon a few years after the revolution, or the beautiful building home to the French National Assembly today.