Day trip

Go to Champagne

We go to Champagne with a private driver. We taste different Champagnes in their Houses. We will enjoy discovering the caves and the process of making the Champagne, tasting at the very source. We visit the Village of Dom Pérignon. We go back to Paris in the evening.


We will go to Champagne with a private driver. The driver is safe and experienced with this tour in Champagne.

We will see many beautiful green landscapes on the road. We will get some fresh air and see the french country side.

We will go to three different prestigious houses of Champagne (you get to choose from 5 different houses).

We will visit the village where Dom Pérignon grew up and was buried. The village is considered one of the most picturesque villages of France.

We will go to a bistrot to eat the fresh food of the menu of the day. The products are local and pair well with the Champagne.