Hidden Gems

History of Fashion in a walking Tour

The fashion tour is organized around the Palais Royal and place Vendôme, as this is where the first designers and famous couture brands started, such as Chanel, or Poiret etc.


The tour is about the history of fashion in France, since Marie Antoinette, the first trendsetter, and her minister of fashion Rose Bertin, as well as during the french revolution with the "sans culottes'' fashion style, during Napoleon's empire and his wife, Josephine. She was the empress and the empress of style, who started wearing the empire dresses. We will also talk about the first couture houses and how the haute couture standards started in Paris.

We will talk about fashion before and after the Wars, as well as during  WWII in a time of shortage.
Among Paris famous designers,we will talk about Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent or Dior, and other very famous couture French houses.

Along the way, we will also discover where the first fashion shops used to be, as well as the ancestors of the department stores, and talk about the evolution of fashion as shopping until today.