Museum tour

Indiana Jones in the Louvre

This is an interactive game inside the Louvre museum best for kids 6 to 12. The game focus on the Louvre most iconic pieces: Mona Lisa, Egyptian artefacts, European big paintings, History of Paris and France... with a map, and a colorful book, we will solve mysteries and get clues that will lead us


Treasure hunt game for kids 6 - 12

The game encourages the kids to understand history and learn few notions about Art (the techniques, the perspective, the precision, the creativity, the choice of colors, forms and lines...)

The kids make lasting connections with the Art masterpieces by understanding the story behind each Artist and each piece of Art.

This program is included in the French National Education and gives the kids an entertaining background to the history of Art while playing detectives and sharpening their investigative skills, like Indiana Jones.

They learn how to navigate a museum on their own. The answers to the questions in the booklet, will be the clues to progress inside the Louvre from one room to another until we finally find the treasure which is an actual treasure chest.

I will transmit to the kids my passion for Art and for museums.