Walking tour


We will visit the most beautiful Parisian village : Montmartre with its Bohemian artists’ studios, narrow cobble-stoned streets, and the Church of Sacre Coeur, perched at the top of this beautiful hill !


Montmartre is a small historic village inside Paris city. But in the 19th century, it was still an old village, built on a top of a hill, outside of the city. The wine was cheaper there, and the rents were lower, which is why is was a magnet for many artists and free thinkers who decided to live in Montmartre and lead their bohemian life together.

Walk with me in the footsteps of Van Gogh, Renoir or Picasso in this bohemian part of the city. We will see many artist paintings in open air, in the streets as we walk past them.

Let's explore some secret gardens and beautiful places in Montmartre such as the “wall of Love”, the famous Moulin de la Galette (the windmill painted by Renoir), the last vineyard of Montmartre, the cute artists square,where the painters are carrying on the tradition of this bohemian area (get help from your guide if you want to buy some art).

Walk the the cute narrow streets of the village, and at the top of the hill, the basilica of the Sacré Coeur. At the end of your tour, you’ll enjoy being at the highest point in Paris, for an amazing view of the skyline!