Museum tour

Louvre Highlights

We will go inside the Louvre and discover the most iconic masterpieces. We will learn about the Louvre fascinating story as a fortress and a palace and now as the biggest national museum in the world. We will travel through time. We will see many beautiful collections of Art pieces, sculptures, royal jewels, artifacts from ancient civilization... All of this, inside an expansive and luxurious Parisian palace: The Louvre, located at the heart of Paris.


Together we will explore the Louvre museum in a meaningful way.

We will bring the highlights of the Louvre to life through vivid stories about the artist and his piece putting you in the historical context. We will explore the key rooms of the Louvre in only 2 to 3 hours.

We will see the Ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greek and Roman, Italian renaissance collections. We will stop and explain the Louvre treasures: the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, the Khorsabad, Samothrace and many more.

You can customize in advance the tour by adding the Dutch paintings of Rembrandt, including a number of well-known self-portraits, and the celebrated Bathsheba at Her Bath, as well as the Rubens paintings commissioned by Marie de Medicis, the great apartments of Napoleon IIIrd, the Hammurabi code or the Khorsabad courtyard from Mesopotamia, the oldest art piece in the Louvre, the statue of Aïn Ghazal found in Israel.

This is a good tour for a first visit in Paris, for couples and for families.

I will purchase the tickets for you and book a skip the line entrance. Please book in advance especially with the new Louvre regulations.