Hidden Gems

Street Art tour in Belleville

If you’re looking for a fun and young neighborhood in Paris to explore, Belleville is a great option: Experience a unique and eclectic area of Paris, Belleville.


Get inside the belly of Paris.

Belleville is one of the first built villages in Paris during the middle ages. This is where Parisians liked to escape for the weekend to have fun. It was absorbed and became a part of Paris in the 1860’s.

Built on the highest hill of the city, you can see the rest of the city from its terraces. You can feel in Belleville the strong artistic vibes and a vibrant energy, a mix of African and Sephardic Jewish communities lives there.

As a place of immigration, where artists settled along with the artisans, a large part of the Jewish population from North Africa arrived in the 1960’s, from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco…

During the tour, you’ll explore a local and buzzling part of Paris, with its hidden Synagogue, Jewish cafes, restaurants and bakeries. I include tastings along the way.

We will learn about some great figures of the Jewish community, members of the Jewish resistance during the war, or artists.  

Today, home to foreigners, expats and artists, Belleville is a neighborhood full of charm, and Street Art. Along the way, your guide will help you to discover the art of more than 250 artists, members of the association of artistic Belleville. Photography, paste up street  art, ceramics or paintings… An open air museum to explore !