Hidden Gems

Visit the Cemetery of Pere Lachaise

If you ask a Parisian what is the place to visit on a sunny day during the weekend, a walk through the Pere Lachaise cemetery is definitely one of the places that would come up!


The cemetry is one of the most beautiful historical places to visit.

With its 100 acres, over 4000 trees, the Pere Lachaise is the largest green space in the city.
It is an exotix place to visit, if you also want to learn more about Paris' famous inhabitants who were buried there. Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Gertrude Stein, Jim Morison, La Fontaine, Molière… The City of Light attracted many foreigners, for its feverish art expansion, for the open minded crowd, or for its liberties!

At Pere Lachaise, you will hear stories about the love of Victor Hugo for the turning tables to speak with the deads, the story of the two lovers Heloise and Ableard, a 12th century love story, the incredible work of Haussman to rebuild Paris in the 19th century, the life of Edith Piaf and the stories behind her famous songs such as “La vie en Rose” …
While walking through the gardens of Pere Lachaise, it is the essence of Paris, its charms and sensibility, that you will discover, through the lives and stories of its famous inhabitants.

On a 2 hours tour of Pere Lachaise, your guide will take you back in time, and tell you stories about the History of Paris as well as the famous artists buried there, while taking a bucolic walk in the heart of Paris.